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Our Story

Our Story

The first weave of our textile story was woven four decades ago, the dream of yarns, weaves and fabrics was a dream our founder's late grandfather had seen and created a legacy for us to inherit and dream ahead from...

Having pioneered the power loom woven cotton and all it's blends in India, it was time for us to weave a new story for our generation!

We have breathed textiles since the nineteen fifties and seen all the innovations in textile manufacturing in India and across the world.

Our aim now is to create a line of natural, plant based, eco-friendly, sustainable and bio-degradable range of fabrics and weaves that are stronger and will last us longer!

Our Quality and Expertise

We have a team of young and highly motivated individuals with specialisation in various fields of textiles. With multiple quality checking stations for fabric quality control, our team of quality control checkers make sure that at every stage from procurement of raw materials to weaving of the fabric to dispatch, all parameters are checked, monitored and supervised to produce the best quality fabric.

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit having the most advanced weaving looms from Italy and Belgium, we provide Made-to-Order, Sustainable fabrics.

Our unit holds a capacity of 36,00,000 meters per annum, catering to leading fashion houses, retailers, small business owners, boutiques, individual fashion designers, upcoming start-ups, coprorates and other clients across the world who are working with sustainable fabrics.

Our Quality and Expertise

Our Process

Our Process

Naturally Grown quality Hemp Plant (sans pesticide) is found in organic farms across the world.

The best quality Hemp for Textile is made into yarn. We source this yarn directly from these yarn makers.

With our in-house design and development team, we create different weaves, test these weaves in sample batches, and take the best fabric into production.

The fabric that passes our quality checks is finally woven and processed into 100% quality fabric.

People behind the Weaves

Our team is a group of enthusiastic, creative and young adults who are innovating everyday, trying to make the world of natural textiles, fabrics, weaves, yarns and clothing more sustainable and affordable.


Chauhan Master

Dibakar Master


Harendra Yadav




Lalu Singh

Montu Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Kumar

Mithilesh Mukhiya


Rajkumar Mukhiya


Ramsavit Mukhiya


Ram Kumar

Ram Singh




Shridhar Jagirdar


Shripat Jagirdar

Founder and Innovation Director

Srishti Mehta

Design Director

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