Choosing Between Hemp and Linen Exploring the Better Option

Choosing Between Hemp and Linen Exploring the Better Option

Do you want to switch to a natural fabric? But cannot decide Hemp vs Linen as to which one to choose? Let’s have a look at what Hemp is and what Linen is, to make a better choice! Hemp fibers come from the stalk of the Cannabis Sativa plant, sometimes referred to as Industrial Hemp, while Linen fabric is made from cellulose fibers that grows inside the stalk of the flax plant.

1. Environment

  • Hemp can be grown incredibly easily and is naturally resistant to many pests, meaning that it can be grown successfully without the use of herbicides and pesticides, on the other hand pesticide is required to grow Linen
  • Hemp is a high yielding textile yarn compared to Linen, an average yield of Hemp is between 500 – 800 lbs and Linen averages around 325 – 400 lbs in the same area of the land

2. Durability

  • Even though both are more durable than the other fabrics, Hemp is more than eight times stronger than Linen and has the longest shelf-life than any other natural fabric.
  • Hemp is much more resistant to ultraviolet rays than Linen, So it won’t fade away or get damaged by sunlight
  • Hemp fabric requires very little maintenance compared to Linen

Being eco-friendly right from the cultivation process to being a long lasting durable fabric, Hemp is truly the more sustainable choice