Vegan and Sustainable Fabric is the way forword

Vegan and Sustainable Fabric is the way forword

Vegan and Sustainable Fabric is the Way Forward

With the increasing Global warming and pollution caused each year by fabrics/apparels alone made us look into eco friendly alternatives. In early 2019 we started our journey with research on Sustainable fabrics. It took us time and efforts to understand the raw material supply chain, production and other aspects of sustainable fabric development .It took us a year, to November 2020 when we launched Weaving Vibes with a range of Sustainable fabrics for Apparels, Upholstery and Luggage industries. It was difficult as the pandemic affected our operations, but we managed to find ways out. We are currently exporting globally. Most of the international buyers require Certified GOTS hemp fabric, wherein the entire supply chain from fiber to garment is mentioned, there is complete transparency and traceability.

State Research and Innovation Approach in Fabric Design

The main Focus at Weaving vibes is Innovation and development of creative plant based fabrics and other natural fabrics. We are innovating and experimenting with new fibers/yarns as well as intricate weaves and designs, clubbed with AZO free dyes and processes.

Vegan Printing and Dyeing Techniques Usage

We have recently manufactured premium hemp fabric and done Flower and leaves Eco-dyeing and printing on the fabrics. We also offer natural dyeing facility and other printing options as well. We also offer Anti-Viral Finishes and Anti-Bacterial Finishes , Water Resistant finishes as well.

Sustainable Fabrics Market Size in Entire Fabric Industry and Future of this Segment

The future of this segment according to me is Bright. Looking at the Global warming rate and the depletion of natural resources like Water , which is the main component in agriculture, I fell if we can make a conscious shift adapting to growing more of Hemp crops which use only 1/3rd the amount of water than regular cotton crop, then we can make a difference. Like the way we are seeing an increase in Electric Vehicles, there is a demand and need for eco friendly fabrics/apparel as well. This ecofriendly wave is going to spread through every industry. The market size is huge, as big as the market for Non organic fabrics.

Raw Material Challenge

The raw material prices are high and the reason for this is that the farming of the crop is not as much as a regular cotton crop. Acceptance has just started in India with regards to growing the Hemp Crop. The prices will only reduce when hemp production increases, currently the raw materials are not easily available to the grade we require at times.

Technology Upgradation Plan

We have currently updated our entire Management and B2C processes with the help of softwares. We are also taking orders through our website and social media pages. Other then that we are installing a printing setup for digital and eco prints