Don’t BE SPOOKED by our Colours! 

Festivals all across the world are about colour, and we say that Hemp fabric carries colour perfectly – bringing the colours alive and making the fabric look bright and beautiful. 

While we talk about colours, let’s share some information about dyes that are used to add colour to fabric. 

A dye is a coloured compound, that is used in a solution, to fix colour on to a fabric. The dye must be ‘fast’ or chemically stable so that the colour will not wash with soap and water or fade on exposure to sunlight etc. 

There are two major types of dyes: natural dyes and synthetic dyes. 

Natural dyes are made from natural elements like leaves, plants, seeds etc. where these elements are treated to extract their colours that then are used to dye the fabric. Eco-printing uses the natural shapes and forms of leaves and flowers to directly dye beautiful prints on fabric. 

Natural dyes are a great method of dyeing fabric, however can be time consuming and they do not create long lasting fast colours.

Therefore, the textile industry uses synthetic dyes. There are many different types of synthetic dyes as well. Each with their pros and cons. 

Like a lot of textile house, we use what are known as AZO FREE DYES. These dyes are eco-friendly and eliminate the use of toxic compounds. Azo-free dyes are low impact dyes are also referred to as fibre reactive dyes. Studies have found that these dyes are resistant to the waste water treatment and relatively pass into the environment unchanged, thus being eco-friendly. Some azo dyes break down during use and release chemicals known as aromatic amines, which can be harmful for all living beings. 

Azo free dyes not only provide the beautiful vibrant colours on to the fabrics that last long but are environmentally friendly as compared to other synthetic dyes. 

A lot of people wonder, how a fabric like Hemp carries vibrant colour? It is a myth that Hemp can be dyed only in earthy or pastel colours. In fact, premium quality Hemp fabric absorbs colour beautifully and makes the fabric look more rich and vibrant. Hemp fabrics across 90 to 450 GSM can be dyed in to any of the two thousand three hundred and ninety colours from the pantone shade book.

As we are in the spooky season on Orange and Black, you must check out our range of ORANGES and BLACKS. We have created some beautiful neon colours for our clients and the beauty of the fabrics come alive with every colour! 

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