Why choose Sustainable Clothing?

The Fashion Industry is known to be one of the most polluting industries in the world, making a decision to switch to sustainable clothing has a positive impact on yourself and the environment.

We here at weaving vibes manufacture and sell 100% sustainable made in India fabrics which can be used for clothing, home decor, shoes, accessories etc. And we will tell you just a few of the many reasons to choose sustainability.

Sustainable clothing vs Synthetic clothing


  • Sustainable clothing focuses on quality – high quality materials, blends, weaves and finishes that are made to last longer
  • The clothing produced by fast and synthetic fibres aren’t durable, their main goal is for you to buy more therefore there is very low or no attention to the quality
  • By choosing sustainable brands which provide quality products you use the products for longer, buy less and reduce waste

Accessories made of Sustainable Fabrics

Better for the Environment

Protecting the environment with Sustainable Fabrics

  • The fast fashion industry leaves behind a huge carbon footprint – fabrics while cultivation use high volumes of water, fertilizer and pesticides and the fabrics that are blended with synthetic fibres add to the landfills
  • By choosing Sustainable clothing you can actually say no to the negative impacts of the synthetic fabrics on the environment and reduce your carbon footprints enormously – hemp and bamboo fabrics consume lesser amounts of water during cultivation, hemp crop absorbs a lot more CO2 and leaves the soil more rich

Contributes to a Greener Future

  • Sustainable fashion entails making things out of local, biodegradable fabric that can eventually return to the ecosystem after you have worn it out
  • The brands choosing sustainable fashion also undertake sustainable production measures or end-to-end eco-friendly processes
  • Fabrics such as Hemp, Bamboo, Lyocell, etc. are all weather natural, durable, eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable

Plant based Hemp Yarn

Sustainability is the future. It is the conservation of the present for a sustainable future.

We at Weaving Vibes we produce 100% sustainable fabrics with a wide range of fabrics and blends for you to choose from – head over to the shop page and order now!


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