How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A lot of people in today’s world might wonder how they can reduce their Carbon Footprint? There are many ways in which our carbon footprint can be reduced, and this is the least we can contribute to the environment

What Is Carbon Footprint?

Greenhouse Gases are emitted through the cycle of production and consumption of goods and services. Carbon footprint is a concept used to quantify the impact an activity of a person or a country has on climate change.

Here are some ways, you can reduce your carbon footprint:

1) Save Energy

  • Take shorter showers
  • Switch off the geyser
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or while doing the dishes
  • Unplug your electronic equipment after being fully charged – don’t leave it in, after full charge
  • Switch of all plug points of unused equipment at night

2) Transportation

  • Cycle
  • Use public transport or car pooling
  • Be thoughtful about if you really need to drive
  • Invest in an electric vehicle

3) Food

  • Consume local and seasonal products
  • Try to limit your meat consumption (especially beef)
  • Make sure you buy only the amount of food that you need
  • Avoid wastage
  • Decompose your wet food waste

4) Clothing

  • Make sure to buy clothing made from natural and sustainable fabrics
  • Avoid fast fashion
  • Buy apparels that are durable and will last long which you can wear for a really long time

The above were some of the many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. Visit our shop section to buy sustainable fabrics. You can also calculate your carbon footprint here.