4 Ways To Conserve Rain Water

4 Ways To Conserve Rain Water

4 Ways To Conserve Rain Water

Conserving rainwater is very important in today’s world, when a lot of countries are facing water shortages, which is affecting a lot of people’s life.

In this blog we will provide you with some tips which you can use to conserve rainwater and play your part in tackling the world wide water shortage Below are few of the ways:

1) Drums

  • Storing rainwater in drums in open area is a great way to conserve water
  • You can also use copper rain-chains to direct the water from the rooftop of your house into the barrels

2) Direct Rainwater to Plants

  • You can direct the rainwater runoff from your house structure, it can be used for plants that needs regular watering and plans that are in shade

3) Set Bows In Different Places to Collect Water

  • Setting bowls in different places is a great way to conserve water,
  • This water can also be used to water the saplings in your house and can also be useful for your pets

4) Place Things Outside Which Need a Rinse

  • Make sure you make the best use of this rainy season by placing your cars, bike, toys outside which need a quick rinse
  • Doing this you won’t need to use your water which you have in your storage.

These were some of the ways which you can use to conserve rain water, Which of the above practices.

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