Are Heavy Monsoon Good For The Environment

Are Heavy Monsoon Good For The Environment

Are Heavy Monsoon Good For The Environment?

The monsoons in a tropical country like India is one of the most amazing seasons. The intensity of our monsoon varies from east to west, north to south, and also from sea level to different altitudes. It is that time of the year when you feel that the planet is breathing again, the trees, greenery everything feels fresh, feels alive.

Does Monsoon Actually Have a Positive Impact On The Environment?

1) Climate Change

With the everyday change climatic conditions that are causing global warming have also made the monsoon extremely erratic. How do erratic monsoons affect us? Heavy rainfall post September results in flooding of our agricultural land causing soil erosion and therefore loss of large amounts of fertile soil.

2) Flooding Due To Climate Change

Excessive rainfall causes risks to human life, damages buildings, roads, and bridges and devastates livestock and crops. The effects of rainfall can even impact forests, especially when combined with high winds.

3) Unseasonal Rain Affects Short-Term Monsoon

Untimely rain can also adversely affect crops with flooding and excessive water resulting in destruction.

4) Air Pollutants

The increasing amount of pollutants in the air which we assume settle down to the ground with rainfall, can actually lead to thunderstorms, cloudbursts. For example, large concentrations of pollutants under conducive environmental conditions in the atmosphere could help clouds grow to massive thunderstorms resulting in extreme rainfall, hail, torrential rain etc.

While we all might love the monsoons with the chai pakoda evenings and dislike the traffic and chaos, the larger picture of course is the adverse impact climate change has had on the rains globally. Climate change is one of the most important environmental movements that we all together must focus on. Therefore our part as responsible global citizens is to reduce, reuse, recycle, use natural, biodegradable, sustainable products

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